LOCTITE potting and edge compounds

Give you strength

What potting and edge fill compounds can do for you
Potting and Edge Fill and encapsulation compounds provide mechanical reinforcement to housed assemblies, fill voids, and protect devices from the effects of exposure to chemicals, moisture, mechanical shock and vibration. High-quality potting and edge fill products effectively prevent corrosion and ensure the long-term integrity of your device.

And why LOCTITE potting and edge fill compounds do it best
LOCTITE offers a broad variety of potting and edge fill and encapsulating compounds to use with various substrates, operating temperatures and other environmental factors. All of them improve the mechanical strength as well as the resistance to vibration, shock and thermal stress.
At the same time, they protect against corrosion, dust and chemicals and provide electrical insulation. Because of their thermal properties they are ideally suited for aerospace temperature requirements.

LOCTITE potting and edge Fill compounds: Facts at a glance

  • Suitable packaging configurations for application
  • No sag for vertical applications
  • Co-curable with sandwich assembly
  • Adhesive can be drilled and sanded without damage
  • Dual cure or step cure processing capability
  • Products available in low to medium densities

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High Temperature Potting Compounds

*formally known as Hysol EA 9820 and Hysol EA 9825


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The fast curing two-part structural paste adhesive, which cures at room temperature. Its thixotropic nature makes it ideal for potting, filling and liquid shim applications.

*formally known as Hysol EA 9394.2

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