Aerospace industry has many standards:

LOCTITE FREKOTE is the one for release materials

Choosing the right release material is not as easy as you might think ...
Aircraft manufacturers’ demands on professional release materials are high: They require a wide range of mold releases with different characteristics to meet all needs. They want to be sure to apply a sustainable solution. And last but not least, they only accept materials that comply with the most rigorous requirements – their own ones.

… unless you discover LOCTITE FREKOTE.
Henkel’s LOCTITE FREKOTE release agents, sealers and cleaners are based on over 50 years of technical experience and are the most trusted for consistent release of composite parts from tools. These wax- and silicone-free release agents polymerize to create a low surface energy film which is durable, chemically resistant and thermally stable. A minimal transfer to molded components, minimized fouling, easy application and the highest number of releases possible per application are guaranteed.

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