LOCTITE metal & honeycomb bonding

Qualified to major aerospace specifications

Fully developed metal & honeycomb Solutions
How to identify a technically advanced metal & honeycomb bonding solution? Just ask if it offers very low weight, high fatigue resistance, maximum durability and significant production costs savings. If it does, this is a LOCTITE solution.

In the honeycomb and metal assembly segment, Henkel offers metal bonding films for original construction and repair qualified to all major aerospace specifications. LOCTITE films are one component, heat curing thin film adhesives. Materials are specifically designed for Maximum durability, high strength and toughness with temperature resistance designed for their operating environment

The LOCTITE portfolio of metal bonding films is broad and addresses many needs of customer applications. LOCTITE has products covering service temperatures from 250 ºF / 121 ºC to 550 ºF / 288 ºC and will bond to chemically treated metallic substrates.

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LOCTITE metal & honeycomb bonding: Facts at a glance

LOCTITE metal and honeycomb film key features Key factors to consider when choosing the right LOCTITE product for metal & honeycomb bonding
  • Pre-catalyzed, no mixing or measuring
  • Typical thicknesses range from 5 mils to 15 mils
  • More durable bonds
  • Controlled flow
  • Ability to reticulate
  • Long out time
  • Substrate preparation
  • Operating temperature requirements
  • Operating environment
  • Part size and shape
  • Bond joint design
  • Strength requirements (peel or shear)

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