LOCTITE metal, honeycomb bonding & repair

LOCTITE is for you - If you need a metal bond or repair solution with paste adhesives

Metal and Honeycomb bonding and repair solutions require maximum flexibility
When it comes to bonding or repair of metal parts and structures of an aircraft, you will surely be looking for a solution that has high strength, chemical resistance and resists creep under sustained loads. In addition, you need a two component system with a room temperature cure.
Too many requirements? Not for us.

We combine it with efficiency: LOCTITE metal bond and repair
Henkel offers a high-performance structural adhesive portfolio in ready-to-use packaging configurations for aerospace OEM and MRO customers. LOCTITE products allow you to bond or make repairs to metallic substrates on the production line while improving your employees’ productivity and safety. The down time is minimized, waste and stress on components are reduced. Finally, the efficiency is more than convincing thanks to a less time consuming, less expensive and faster through-put.

LOCTITE metal bond and repair paste adhesives: Facts at a glance

Key features Key factors to consider when choosing the right LOCTITE structural repair product
  • Industry standard for metal bond applications
  • Out-of-Autoclave solutions
  • Easy application
  • Chemical resistance
  • Metal bond or composite to repair
  • Service temperature
  • Consistency and viscosity
  • High compression loads resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Flexibility or toughness

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