LOCTITE primers

High-end protection for sensitive surfaces

Once a surface has been etched, it needs protection
One of the main reasons for priming is to prevent corrosion of the part. The etched metal surface is “active” and ready to be bonded. The oxide layer from the cleaning and etching process is sensitive to decay. Priming protects and preserves the oxide, and allows you to store metal for later use.

LOCTITE primers care and protect perfectly
Created for a broad application range, LOCTITE primers are designed to promote adhesion, provide corrosion protection and improve bond joint long term durability. And of course, they are available in ozone-safe (non-CFC), solvent-based and solvent-free formulations.

LOCTITE primers: Facts at a glance

LOCTITE primers key features Key factors to consider when choosing the right LOCTITE primer:
  • Spray of brush applications
  • Improves production rates
  • Excellent storage and out time stability
  • Primer reactivation not required for second-stage bonding
  • Temperature resistance
  • Adhesion to different substrates
  • Chemical resistance
  • Product safety of reactive hotmelts

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