LOCTITE film adhesives

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Film adhesives: the basics
Film adhesives are pre-catalyzed adhesives offered in sheet form for metal, composite bonding, and honeycomb applications. Film adhesives are offered in defined areal weights in roll or sheet form.

Advanced level: LOCTITE film adhesives
Our broad portfolio of film adhesives includes advanced technologies to address today and tomorrow’s most demanding applications. Being a long-term partner for aircraft  manufacturers globally, Henkel provides sustainable film adhesive Solutions that enhance  performance and safety of aircraft as well as the manufacturer’s production Efficiency.

LOCTITE film adhesives: Facts at a glance

LOCTITE film adhesives key features Key factors to consider when choosing the right LOCTITE film adhesive:
  • Pre-catalyzed
  • Epoxy resin and curing agent cast
  • Enables up to 15 days
  • Controlled flow
  • Scrim for bond line control
  • Precise placement
  • Bonds various substrates
  • Environmental and temperature resistance
  • Cure time and temperature
  • Fracture toughness
  • Lightning strike protection

Webinar: Film and Paste Adhesives ... ... used for bonding metal and composite structures

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Film Adhesives: Film Adhesives:

Film Adhesives: Film Adhesives: