We mind the gaps for you with LOCTITE liquid shims

The way to eliminate small gaps
Whenever gaps and differences between two composite parts occur, shims both in solid and liquid form are used to eliminate them. For gaps less than 3 millimeters or for wide area fit up, liquid shims are employed.

They are spread on one side of the rib, squeezed together and bolted. This forces any excess shim material to be squeezed out leaving just the necessary amount of shim to bridge any gaps occurring in the manufacturing process.

Guaranteeing a perfect result: LOCTITE liquid shims
LOCTITE liquid shims are epoxy-based materials that provide not only high compressive strength, but also a balance between open assembly time and strength. They operate as both, an adhesive and shim, offer good compressive strength across a wide temperature range and allow a long out time to facilitate larger parts.

LOCTITE liquid shims: Facts at a glance

LOCTITE liquid shims key features Key factors to consider when choosing the right LOCTITE liquid shim
  • Two-part custom filled epoxy-based materials
  • Extremely high compressive strength
  • Ambient temperature storage
  • Ambient & elevated temperature cure
  • Good compression properties
  • Fluid resistance: fuel, water ingression
  • Adhesion properties: must bond well to substrate
  • Temperature performance
  • Low slump: low flow on vertical surfaces

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The fast curing two-part structural paste adhesive, which cures at room temperature. Its thixotropic nature makes it ideal for potting, filling and liquid shim applications.

*formally known as Hysol EA 9394.2

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