LOCTITE laminate & wet lay-up resins

Low viscosity, high quality

For high temperature applications …
A low viscosity system is needed for high temperature wet lay-up composite construction or repairs. It should allow wet lamination processes as well as out-of-autoclave curing processes to be employed.

… and perfect surface preparation: LOCTITE low viscosity wet lay-up.
With more than 50 years experience, Henkel offers the right solution for this challenge: LOCTITE low viscosity wet lay-up solutions. Curing very fast under heat, they provide an optimal adhering surface for subsequent painting and coating.

LOCTITE laminate and wet lay up resins: Facts at a glance

Key features Key factors to consider when choosing the right LOCTITE low viscosity wet lay-up solution
  • Two-component system
  • Low viscosity
  • Room temperature or elevated cure
  • Ideal for OEM assembly or repair
  • Fiber volume ratio (55 %)
  • Porosity level (<1 %)
  • Cure temperature
  • Fabric alignment
  • Resin physical-chemical properties (viscosity)
  • Pot life

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