Henkel is a recognized technology leader in the industry with qualified manufacturer and airline specification approvals. The company is also an innovation leader - known for its best-in-class technologies such as adhesive films and pastes, conversion coatings and composite resins. Our products are used by every large aircraft manufacturer in the world.

Henkel is the leader in structural adhesives and surface treatments for the aircraft OEM and MRO industries along the full value chain:

Henkel also provides total solution infrastructure: With its application expertise, packaging solutions that reduce material usage and waste, integrated dispensing equipment solutions and shop floor support.

Our MRO Solutions

  • BONDERITE® line of cleaners provide customers with safe, efficient and cost-effective cleaning of aircraft exteriors
  • BONDERITE® Touch-N-Prep Pens for easy and safe coatings application for the repair of bare areas of metal to prevent corrosion
  • Henkel produces all process chemistries for the overhaul of aircraft engines

Our OEM Solutions

  • LOCTITE adhesives for cost-effective bonding and shimming applications
  • LOCTITE SynCore syntactic shapes for lightweight composite laminates
  • Maskants that can be applied in one-pass, eliminating need for multiple coats
  • LOCTITE metal pretreatment solutions for increased corrosion protection

Our Composite Solutions

  • Composite Bonding Adhesives
  • LOCTITE Liquid Shims
  • LOCTITE SynCore  Syntactic Films
  • LOCTITE Composite Surfacing Films
  • BONDERITE Composite Paint Strippers
  • Composites Peel Plies
  • LOCTITE Frekote Mold Release Agents & Cleaners

Our Complete Customer Support

Compared to competitive environment, Henkel is leading in terms of distribution network: In our worldwide network Henkel’s aerospace resources span across the globe to offer customers complete service and support:

  • A reliable supplier to the world’s leading aerospace manufacturers and overhaul facilities for over 80 years
  • Certified global distribution network
  • Regional sales team throughout the world
  • Regional support offices with dedicated key account management teams
  • Strategic international alliances with key partners
  • Experienced technical staff globally offering comprehensive surface treatment and adhesives support
  • Expertise throughout process, from creating design specs, to qualifying specs, to shop implementation

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