Loctite® 587™ Blue High Performance RTV Silicone Seals Lead Balance Weights on Aircraft Wheels

Loctite® 587™ seals the lead balancing weights on the magnesium nose wheels very successfully.

A regional air carrier with a large fleet of airplanes was interested in extending the life of its nose wheels. The acetoxy-based silicone it was using to seal the wheels against the environment and de-icing material reacted with the magnesium nose wheels, causing corrosion wherever the silicone was used. The wheel manufacturer requires that once corrosion depth exceeds 0.030", the wheel must be discarded.

Loctite® 587™ Blue High Performance RTV Silicone is an instant gasket maker and sealant that offers excellent adhesion to oily surfaces. It withstands temperatures from -75° to +500° F (-59° to + 260° C), is resistant to most chemicals and solvents, and fills gaps to 0.25".

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