LOCTITE fire retardant

Be sure to protect your aircraft from fire
For aircrafts, fire breakout is one of the most dangerous incidents. By using the right fire retardant on honeycomb panels for edge close out, insert bonding or potting, aircraft manufacturers can do their best to protect their aircraft.

Especially developed for the highest safety standards: LOCTITE fire retardant
Henkel has developed special flame retardant products for aircraft interior applications. They are toughened paste adhesive with superior dispense rate and high compressive strength potting compound. LOCTITE flame retardants are halogens, antimony and phenol-free.

LOCTITE fire retardant: Facts at a glance

  • Two component product
  • Halogens, antimony and phenol-free
  • Slump resistant
  • Excellent strength after cure

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