BONDERITE etchants

For a perfect surface finish

With etchants, you can achieve an optimum surface appearance
As a specialist, you know that surface preparation is fundamental to paint adhesion, surface bonding and corrosion protection. Therefore, for secondary operations it is important to prepare metal by cleaning and providing a high quality, fine satin etched surface.

With BONDERITE etchants, you can take advantage of optimum process benefits
Besides a high quality etched surface and lighter weight, BONDERITE etchants make sure that the metal is etched away only in exposed areas. You can dissolve metallic aluminum to gain a smoother, uniform surface appearance while providing an extended bath / tank life for your process.

BONDERITE etchants: All facts at a glance

BONDERITE etchants key features Key factors to consider when choosing the right BONDERITE etchant
  • Non-flammable
  • Readily mixes with cold water
  • Produce minimal amount of soft, non-caking sludge
  • Operations up to 105 °C / 221 °F
  • Produce uniform etch on most aluminum alloys
  • Easily controlled by simple titration
  • Type of alloy
  • Type of chemical milling maskant
  • Required specification

Surface preparation

Cleaning Water Rinsing
To ensure a uniform etch in the bath containing alkaline etchant, aluminum work pieces must be thoroughly cleaned using a non-silicated cleaner prior to being placed in the etch bath. After cleaning, the metal must be thoroughly rinsed with water, preferably warm. The rinse should be overflowed continuously at a rate, which will keep it clean and free from scum and contamination.

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