BONDERITE enginge cleaners

For proven engine maintenance solutions, trust Henkel’s engine overhaul and compressor washer products.

It’s time-out for an engine overhaul. Be ready to meet rate.

Improve operating efficiency with Henkel’s Engine Overhaul chemical solutions. Formerly known as ALODINE and TURCO and qualified to industry-leading OEM specifications, Henkel’s time-tested, industry proven BONDERITE engine overhaul and compressor wash chemicals add efficiency to your jet engine maintenance practices.

Engine maintenance: a matter of safety

In the interest of safety, many external considerations from regional regulatory agencies to engine OEMs/ shop requirements contribute to and determine the appropriate engine maintenance protocol. Engine parts need to be professionally and thoroughly cleaned for effective Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspection and corresponding engine overhaul or parts replacement activities.

No compromises: BONDERITE engine cleaners
Providing the broadest portfolio in the industry, BONDERITE engine overhaul and compressor washers meet major OEM process specifications while being available globally. Whether you require an on-wing or off-wing solution, BONDERITE removes metal oxide scales, sulfadations and carbonaceous material. BONDERITE is highly cost effective and provides reliable results – day by day.

BONDERITE engine cleaners: All facts at a glance

Key factors to consider when choosing the right BONDERITE engine cleaner Key factors influencing the cleaning performance
  • Meets OEM qualified process requirements
  • Metal substrate
  • Soil types (organic or inorganic)
  • Environmental concerns and regulations
  • Disposal system compatibility
  • Bath life
  • Rinse conditions (procedures, steps, water availability)
  • Transfer times
  • Special purposes – applications like field repair
  • Product concentration
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Product agitation
  • Metal surface conditions
  • Contamination and age of bathing solution
  • Rinsing

Engine Overhaul Process

Solution selling – Engine overhaul surface treatment and structural adhesives

Engine cleaning sections

  • On wing cleaning – compressor washers
  • Off wing cleaning – engine overhaul
  • Cold Section
  • Hot Section

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