Aircraft depainting is no small task.

Unless you choose BONDERITE paint removers

How to depaint your aircraft professionally
When performing aircraft corrosion checks and paint modifications, it is important to choose consistent and reliable depaint and repaint systems with industry leading OEM qualifications.

And how to improve it easily: with BONDERITE
There is a way to make the complex as easy as possible: Henkel’s BONDERITE depaint technologies are NESHAP compliant, thixotropic products – solvent, hydrogen peroxide and water-based. They are easy to apply as they cling to vertical surfaces. Furthermore it eliminates surface contamination from mechanical removal methods.

BONDERITE paint stripper: All facts at a glance

Key factors to consider when choosing the right BONDERITE paint stripper Applications
  • OEM process specification requirements
  • Metal surface
  • Stripping time
  • Environmental concerns and regulations

Henkel offers a complete portfolio of solvent, hydrogen peroxide and water-based products for aircraft depaint and repaint for the following applications:

  • Airframe structure
  • Hard to reach flap & wheel well areas
  • Landing gear and major component repair applications

Aerospace Depaint / Repaint Process

1. Soiled aircraft awaiting depaint / paint process

2. Clean with aircraft cleaners (i.e., landing gear, exterior washes, flap and wheel cleaners)

3. Paint strippers

4. Cleaners

5. Metal brighteners

6. Conversion coatings and adhesion promoters, then primers before final topcoat

7. Clean, newly painted aircraft

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Surface Treatment

Aerospace Product Selector Guide - Surface Treatment


Formulated to Provide a High Quality Durable, Paintable Surface with Minimal Prepaint Preparation

BONDERITE Paint Strippers

for your composite aircraft fleet.

Dispensing Systems

for two-component adhesive chemistries – Bring automation to your aerospace production line