Deoxidize and desmut with BONDERITE

If it hast o be cleaner than clean …

Best preparation for bonding & painting: remove everything
For a professional aircraft preparation, oxide layers and smut have to be removed completely before any bonding or painting applications. Both challenges require specific cleaning solutions that consider the alloy and surface condition, the type of conversion coating being used, the environmental regulations and individual customer requirements.

Best choice: BONDERITE
It offers exactly the solution you need. Regarding oxides, the high-quality BONDERITE deoxidizers remove corrosion products as well as heavy storage oxides or residues. At the same time, its desmutting products completely remove surface deposits. In short: You can depend on Henkel to provide solutions for all your surface treatment needs.

BONDERITE deoxidizing & desmutting products: All facts at a glance

BONDERITE deoxidizers and desmutters will remove oxides and smut from the substrate Necessity of smut removal Key factors to consider when choosing the right BONDERITE deoxidizer & desmutter
  • Corrosion products
  • Heavy storage oxides
  • Residues of abrasive cleaning
  • Remnants of shot peening
  • Traces of foreign metal contamination
Smut is the combination of intermetallics, metals and metal oxides that remain after cleaning and / or etching. Smut:
  • Is loosely adherent to the surface
  • Will inhibit proper formation of conversion coating
  • Inhibits paint adhesion
  • Contaminates processing solutions
  • Initiates corrosion
  • Alloy and surface condition
  • Type of conversion coating being used
  • Environmental concerns and regulations
  • Equipment and tank availability
  • OEM process requirements
  • Process water conditions

Available types of deoxidizers and desmutters

Nitric-based Chrome-based Iron-based Non-chrome / non-iron based
  • Not suitable for silicon alloys (castings)
  • Flouride needs to be added to improve efficiency
  • Eventually leads to staining problems
  • Can cause fuming
  • Allows for long transfer times
  • Longer bath life than nitric based
  • Environmentaly friendly
  • Good performance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Aides in copper passivation
  • Regulatory compliance with REACh

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