Light weight, high stiffness and optimum load transfer

LOCTITE syntactic materials for structural sandwich panel, core filling, splicing and abrasion resistance

Want to have optimum stiffness, load transfer and easier formability?
With LOCTITE structural syntactic materials, Henkel provides the right choice for structural and low density sandwich panels. Applications include low density panel stiffening, minimum gauge stiffened panels, and Sandwich panel edge build-up. They offer maximum structural performance, high impact resistance, high panel strength – and, of course, an optimum stiffness to weight. The products are non-expanding films supplied in a range of thicknesses.

LOCTITE syntactic core sandwich construction

LOCTITE core splice and expanding materials meet your needs
Our high performance core splices are used to obtain a uniform load transfer from one section of core to another before being bonded on the assembly line. They enable filling the gap up to the skin surface. This process also serves as a method of preventing moisture ingression in honeycomb-stiffened parts through the core splice joint.

As foaming films, LOCTITE materials expand during heat cure up to 2 – 3 times their original size. They offer excellent slump resistance and exothermic properties, being ideal for thick splices, deep core filling or co-cure conditions – and are easier to insert into core gaps, improving productivity..

a. LOCTITE syntactic core machined shape - b. LOCTITE expanding syntactic film

Materials for improved abrasion resistance

Henkel’s abradable materials ensure that today’s aircraft engines can operate at maximum efficiency. They provide a rub strip for jet engine compressor blades combining high erosion resistance with low abrasion at low density. Materials are available for OEM installation and for repair and maintenance to ensure the fleet is always operational.

LOCTITE Syntactic, Core Fill and Abradable: Key factors to consider when choosing...

LOCTITE structural syntactic materials LOCTTITE core fill and core splice materials LOCTITE abradable materials
  • Service temperature
  • Compression strength
  • Application
  • Process temperature
  • Core thickness required
  • Expanding or non-expanding
  • Cure Temperature
  • Cure Time
  • Service Temperature
  • Density
  • Mechanical properties
  • Process conditions
  • Abrasion resistance required
  • Service temperature
  • Toughness
  • Density
  • Process conditions
  • Repair

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