BONDERITE conversion coatings

The foundation of every successful surface treatment

First step: surface protection
Whenever a high bare corrosion protection is necessary, an anodization is not possible or a repair coating for small areas is required, you will need a reliable surface treatment before bonding and painting: A protective surface layer created by a chemical reaction between the metal and a chemical solution.

First choice: BONDERITE conversion coatings
Once the conversion coating has been applied as fundamental surface layer, there is no chance to replace it – reason enough to choose high-performance coatings only.

With BONDERITE, Henkel offers multiple options in conversion and chemical coatings for all your metal pretreatment processes and for more applications than any other chemical provider. This high-end quality is the reason why our different types of proven BONDERITE conversion coatings are listed in many OEM process specifications:

BONDERITE conversion coatings: All facts at a glance

Where BONDERITE conversion coatings are used? BONDERITE conversion coatings capabilities Available chemistries
  • For the corrosion protection of aluminum surfaces
  • For metal pretreatment before bonding and painting
  • For high bare corrosion protection
  • Substituting anodization by inappropriate shape of substrates
  • As repair coating for small areas
  • For critical military applications according to MIL-DTL-81706B
  • Stabilize metal surfaces before and after painting
  • Inhibit corrosion spread
  • Optimize paint adhesion
  • Improve adhesives bonding
  • Maintain electrical resistance
  • May insulate one metal from another
  • Hexavalent chrome (Cr VI)
  • Trivalent chrome (NO Cr VI)
  • Non-chrome
  • Adhesion promoters

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