LOCTITE peel plies

Clean and cost efficient surface preparation

Peel ply: The ideal preparation method for treating surfaces evenly
There are two primary methods for adhesive bond preparation of the surface of a pre-cured Carbon fiber composite: Surface abrasion, and the use of release ply fabric, i.e. peel ply. Of the two, peel ply is the most commonly recommended process because it creates a more uniform surface preparation than hand or machine abrasion.

LOCTITE peel plies: The ideal method to save time and costs
Henkel’s peel ply enables process efficiency by minimizing surface preparation. LOCTITE peel ply provides part longevity and reduces maintenance costs. It ensures a consistent bonding surface, with a high quality bond with tough state-of-the-art composites.

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LOCTITE peel plies: Facts at a glance

LOCTITE peel plies key features Key factors to consider when choosing the right LOCTITE peel ply
  • Compatible with third generation composites
  • No sanding or solvent wiping required of bonding surface
  • Minimal force required to remove peel ply layer
  • Protective layer
  • Good shop life
  • Polyester vs. nylon peel ply
  • Cure temperature
  • Compatibility with composite prepreg resin
  • Dry or wet peel ply

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Wet Peel Ply


Wet Peel Ply

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