A class of its own: BONDERITE cleaning products

for all your aircraft and component cleaning requirements

No aircraft preparation without cleaning …
A clean surface is essential for all aircraft applications, as it improves the corrosion performance and optimizes contact bonding and sealing of parts. Henkel’s broad portfolio of leading BONDERITE cleaning products provides value and dependability for all our customers’ needs.

Based on our long history in supplying the aerospace industry, Henkel provides proven solutions for all your cleaning requirements, accompanied by world-class technical expertise and numerous training modules.

… and no cleaning without BONDERITE.
Henkel’s BONDERITE range meets many leading OEM process requirements, aqueous and solvent-based cleaners to remove dirt, grime or impurities from a surface and to deliver optimal performance every time. With BONDERITE, you will always find the appropriate solution to remove surface contaminants like dirt and grease.

Key factors to consider when choosing the right BONDERITE cleaner:

  • All products must meet OEM process specification requirements, as metal parts and gasket seals can be attacked and destroyed by cleaning chemicals
  • Optimal cleaning solution for your process requirements
  • Ensure a clean and “water-break”-free Surface
  • Soil types (Organic or Inorganic)
    • Rust preventives
    • Lubricants
    • Oils
    • Polishing or buffing compounds
    • Inks
    • Oxides
    • Dirt, grease and grime

Cleaners classification

Alkaline Etch (pH > 12) Alkaline Non-Etch Cleaner (pH > 10) Neutral, Low Alkaline Non-Etch Cleaner (pH 7 – 10)
  • Slight to heavy attack of aluminum or metal removal
  • Cleaning is enhanced through the evolution of hydrogen gas
  • Provides change to the metal appearance
  • Inhibited solutions
  • Non-inhibited alkaline solutions
  • No adverse effects if allowed to dry on aluminum
Acid (pH < 7) Solvent
  • Acids chemically break down soils
  • Bath can produce surface attack
  • Surface attack is controlled by product concentration, temperature and contact time
  • Safe to use on a wide array of metals
  • Good vapor degreaser
  • Ideal wiping cleaner
  • May attack painted or plastic surfaces

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