BONDERITE maskants for chemical milling process

For professional protection of parts

Protect all non-etched areas ...
Masking is the process of applying a coating to the metal surface to protect areas which will not be etched. Maskants are used to protect or repair edges, surface damage and cover tooling holes.

... but do it the easy way – with BONDERITE maskants
Why are Henkel’s solutions the “easy way of masking”? First of all, because they allow many ways of application: by dip, spray, flow-coat or brush. Secondly, they save working hours as air dry copes with many of these applications. And thirdly, they are easy to remove by hand-peeling.

BONDERTITE maskants: All facts at a glance

BONDERITE maskants key features: Key factors to consider when choosing the right BONDERITE maskant
  • Solvent-borne and 100 % Solids (2K)
  • Fast curing
  • No oven drying / curing required
  • Time saving process
  • Sufficient adhesion resistance
  • Chemical resistance

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