BONDERITE metal pretreatment solutions

Covering the whole process of metal pretreatment

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Metal Pretreatment: Essential for the longevity of your airframe and aerospace parts
Before bonding, sealing or painting, aircraft parts require a consistent metal pretreated surface that fulfils all of your process requirements. This includes all stages of  metal pretreatment from cleaning and degreasing to conversion coating.

From cleaners to conversion coatings: BONDERITE covers it all
With more than seven decades of metal pretreatment experience, Henkel’s  BONDERITE solutions cover all steps of the surface treatment process: Cleaners and alkaline etchant for the cleaning phase, deoxidizers and desmutting products for the  activation phase and conversion coatings for the surface treatment phase. On the following pages we will introduce you step-by-step to Henkel’s aerospace-grade product offerings.

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Surface Treatment

Aerospace Product Selector Guide - Surface Treatment

Metal Pretreatment: Metal Pretreatment:

Metal Pretreatment: Metal Pretreatment: