Construction of two schools buildings in the disadvantaged northeastern Brazil

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Building chances in Brazil with two new schools

Düsseldorf – 240 children, two schools, plenty of opportunities: Pritt and Plan International have been jointly working together to change the lives of schoolchildren in the rural area of Codó in Brazil.

In the communities of Mata Virgem and Boqueirão dos Vieiras, children from the ages of four to 12 were benefited with the construction of a new school and the renovation of another one. With the support of the Fritz Henkel Stiftung foundation and in partnership with Plan International, Pritt has contributed with a new school with adequate infrastructure and reconditioned the educational and toilet facilities, equipment and furniture of another one. Pritt’s and Plan International’s representatives as well as local government authorities will attend the schools’ opening events on February 16th and 17th.

Lack of proper academic facilities has been the main obstacle to kids' drop out and regular school attendance. This withdrawal makes impossible to break the vicious cycle of poverty in the country. Both Pritt and Plan International have provided children with educational workshops on basic children's rights such as education, recreation, health, parental care and nutrition and trainings were also conducted for teachers to help them improve their skills.

Pritt strongly believes that access to quality education is the driving force of human development, and these social actions build a more just and egalitarian society in areas of the world with severe deficiencies. “We are very proud to construct and renovate these schools, because we are also building a safer learning and teaching environment for teachers, children and parents. At the same time, we are offering them the possibility to transform their communities in Codó.” said Michaela Brützel, International Brand Manager Stationery & Crafting.

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