News 2016

Supplier of choice for can manufacturing 

Cupping, ironing, washing: It takes a lot for a coil of aluminum become a can filled with our favorite beverage. Henkel provides technologies that enable the production of beverage cans as well as many other metal containers.

Pattex gives you the power – and has for 60 years! 

Pattex is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Since its launch in 1956, the Henkel brand known as the household adhesive for any situation has not only become synonymous with total reliability in gluing and bonding but has, in the intervening decades, constantly underlined its pioneering position as a source of innovation in the do-it-yourself (DIY) sector.

Henkel to develop new solutions for 3D Printing 

3D Printing is a fast growing technology spread across nearly all industries. Henkel Adhesive Technologies, as a leading material supplier, utilizes its technical expertise in material development to introduce novel materials that enable functional prototyping and additive manufacturing within the market.

Henkel Adhesives for Multi-Substrate Bonding Meet Needs for High Series Production of Composite Parts 

Henkel’s fast-curing and reliable adhesives and matrix resins answer the increasing call from the auto industry for high performance continuous fiber-reinforced composites in integrated structural assemblies.

Henkel Offers In-Depth Information on Safe and Highly Productive Solutions for Retortable Packaging 

As part of the proposal for a German printing ink ordinance, primary aromatic amines (PAAs) have recently again been in focus among the non-intentionally added substances found in flexible packaging.

Let there be light! 

Henkel Adhesive Technologies took mankind’s oldest quotation literally and developed a new, compact and ergonomic UV light source. As a result, the LED light sources are flexible in use and perfectly designed to suit the Loctite UV adhesives range.

Henkel to showcase innovations for the filtration industry 

Düsseldorf/Cologne. Henkel will be at Filtech – the largest filtration event worldwide – from 11 through 13 October, exhibiting its latest adhesive products for the filtration industry.

Lighter rotational mass – and with no rusting 

The trend toward lightweight construction in the automobile industry is leading to ever-increasing usage of light alloys. Aluminum in particular offers OEMs and their suppliers not only weight savings but also new dimensions in functionality and design.

Henkel presents its product innovations at the FachPack trade fair 

Packaging adhesives need to comply with food safety requirements while also satisfying key efficiency and performance criteria.

New Ceresit production facility in Georgia 

Henkel Adhesive Technologies has opened its first production facility in Georgia, near the capital of Tbilisi. Within the next three years, the plant will produce more than 40 cement based products for tiling, waterproofing, flooring and external thermal insulation under the Ceresit brand.

Henkel accomplishes sustainable line conversion at frozen food manufacturer Greenland Seafood 

Experts from adhesives manufacturer Henkel supported Greenland Seafood by planning and managing the conversion of their packaging lines to the high-performance hotmelt adhesive Technomelt Supra 100 and the Nordson ProBlue Liberty System.

Henkel’s Productronica India Exhibit to Highlight New Thermally Conductive Technomelt Material, Thermal Management Innovations, Novel Inks and Structural Adhesives for Display Applications 

At the upcoming Productronica India 2016 event, which is now co-located with Electronica India in Bangalore, Henkel Adhesive Electronics will showcase a brand new, thermally conductive Technomelt material along with  printed electronic inks for multiple applications, thermal management products and a portfolio of structural adhesives for modern display technologies.

Gap-filling bonding within seconds 

Mind the Gap! Anyone who has traveled on the London Underground will be familiar with this safety notice. But “minding the gap” was also something that people had to do when using instant adhesives.

Experience Henkel’s full range of auto body treatments up close  

For many years now, adhesive technologies have been an important component of vehicle production, but also of vehicle repairs and maintenance. Customers value high-quality workmanship and increased safety, and want their cars to be restored to their ex-factory state.

Digital printing solutions open new possibilities for individualized flexible packages 

The personalization trend has reached the flexible packaging industry. This brings with it an increased industry interest in digital printing technologies: They allow for individually designed packages and smaller job sizes.

Henkel expands its global furniture and building components web platform 

The website now provides industry members with in-depth application know-how, information on Henkel’s technology portfolio for woodworking operations as well as training and technical services in ten languages.

The glue that bonds stadiums and footwear 

You’ll find adhesives in more places in the world of sports than in sticker albums. During the sporting mega-event at Sugarloaf Mountain, a wide range of different adhesives will be hard at work in almost every situation – including in places that might initially surprise you.

Henkel collaborates with HP 

Personalization is gaining momentum in the flexible packaging industry when it comes to design, leading to increased customer interest in digital printing technologies – which allow for individually designed packages and smaller job sizes.

Henkel’s Loctite Impregnation Solutions provides a fast and reliable fix for the automotive industry 

Henkel’s complete Loctite Impregnation Solutions (LIS) product portfolio not only offers impregnation resins and systems but also a customized service through both external, as well as tailored, on-site impregnation service centers.

Football field scented toilet paper for true fans – and for a unique product perception 

As part of its portfolio for the worldwide tissue market, Henkel is launching its new fragrances with WEPA as a first customer.

Encapsulation, impregnation and potting with high performance resins 

The quantity of electronics found in all areas of modern road vehicles continues to increase, and electric drive systems are now entering the mainstream. So the need to ensure the reliable performance of electrical and electronic components and systems is taking on new importance.

Henkel launches range of new Teroson LASD products offering enhanced application and sustainability benefits 

Henkel Adhesive Technologies has expanded its portfolio of liquid-applied sound deadeners (LASD) for the automobile industry.

Henkel launches new web portal on pressure sensitive adhesives 

The market for pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) is highly complex with countless application possibilities and numerous technologies. Providing a comprehensive overview, Henkel has now launched a global web platform bundling all relevant information on PSA.

Henkel opens new composite test center in Heidelberg – The Composite Lab 

Henkel’s newly opened Composite Lab in Heidelberg, Germany, is a state-of-the-art test facility. Here automotive customers can team up with Henkel experts to develop and test composite parts and to figure out the best production process condition to make their ideas market-ready.

Henkel Develops Thermally Conductive Technomelt Solution 

Adding functional capability to its award-winning Technomelt hot melt encapsulants, Henkel Adhesive Technologies today announced another formulation milestone with the development of a thermally conductive Technomelt material.

360-degree safety and expertise for flexible packaging 

Henkel’s latest generation of high-speed, fast-cure laminating adhesives is opening a new chapter in food safety for flexible packages. Above and beyond its innovative laminating adhesives, the Düsseldorf specialist also provides information and training on food safe packaging, for example at its online portal, in numerous webinars, and at customer events.

New adhesive system from Henkel reduces waste in the production of flexible packages 

Costs are a crucial factor in the production of flexible packages. An effective way to cut overall operating costs and optimize net working capital is to reduce waste in production.

State of the art in spine and side gluing 

With its emission-reduced polyurethane hotmelt adhesives Technomelt PUR ME and ME Cool, Henkel offers excellent REACH-compliant solutions for spine, side and end-paper gluing.

Aerated adhesive speeds up processing 

Efficient processing is especially important for high-volume applications like laminating. The innovative Aeration system from Henkel significantly speeds up laminating processes in the paper industry while improving their efficiency at the same time.

Spectacular event in the German capital 

For the second to last race of the world’s first competition for formula cars with electric motors (FIA), the Karl-Marx-Allee in the inner city of Berlin was turned into a racetrack – and into an exciting event for young and old! Henkel supports the NextEV TCR Team with a broad range of Loctite products.

Henkel and UPM Raflatac Improve Sustainability by Optimizing the Delivery Process of Liquid Hotmelt PSA 

From resource acquisition to waste management, from production process complexity to logistics; when combining economic and sustainability goals, the list of challenges faced is as long as the value chain itself.

Ensuring Future Success with Henkel Adhesive Technologies 

Henkel dedicates its presence at this year’s drupa to solutions for three future challenges in the packaging industry: Contributing to food safe packaging, improving sustainability and – at the same time – increasing production efficiency.

Growth in the mining industry drives demand for Henkel’s polymer composites products 

For over a decade, the Henkel Adhesive Technologies business in Australia and New Zealand has achieved significant sales growth in the mining sector, particularly through its polymer composites product range.

Henkel to Debut Thermally Conductive Technomelt Material, Display Thermal Management Solutions 

At PCIM Europe 2016, taking place May 10- 12 in Nuremberg, Germany, Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ new thermally conductive low pressure molding Technomelt material, Technomelt TC 50, will make its European market debut.  more...
Henkel is Official Sponsor of the Ice Hockey World Championship 2016 

For the tenth time in a row Henkel is an official sponsor of the IIHF World Championship. This year the competition will take place from May 6 to May 22 in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The Henkel brands Ceresit and Makroflex will stand in focus for ice hockey fans for over two weeks.

Cool, lubricated and smell-free machining 

Each year, around 8 million individual metal parts are produced at the Husqvarna Group’s hometown location in Sweden for its premium outdoor power tools, which include chainsaws and trimmers.

Loctite 518 Cures through Surface Contaminants, Offers Higher Flexibility and Adhesion 

Henkel has developed a new innovative formulation for Loctite 518 Gasket Sealant that cures through light surface contamination, provides greater flexibility and adhesion as well as improved curing on inactive metals without a primer.

Improved Loctite Thread Sealant Offers Powerful Performance 

Henkel has developed a new innovative formulation for Loctite 577 Thread Sealant that provides higher oil tolerance, greater temperature resistance, and improved curing on passive metals such as stainless steel.

Henkel to Showcase Loctite GC 10 Success alongside Distributor, AAT Aston, at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016 

Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ Electronics business will highlight the success of its temperature stable Loctite GC 10 solder paste at the upcoming SMT Hybrid Packaging event, taking place from April 26-28 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Henkel Shares Important Knowledge on Food Safe Packaging 

Food packaging safety is an issue to which Henkel – as the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings – is deeply committed. On its knowledge platform “Food Safe Packaging Portal” Henkel will host two webinars imparting crucial industry knowledge on basic food safety topics.

Welding incompatible plastics 
Whether it’s in the automotive industry, the medical industry or for home appliances – a number of plastic combinations can be found everywhere. To join these materials permanently, various joining techniques are applied.  more...
Joints as good as new – in just one step 

Sealing has never been so easy: the innovative silicone technology Re-New can be applied to existing joints in one simple step without the need for any preparation work, finishing touches, tools – or experience.

A lighter future 

For the automotive and aircraft manufacturing industry lightweight solutions are still trending. Materials such as aluminum and carbon fibers improve not only the energy balance but also the comfort in application through concise formability.

Innovation Catalyst for Business Expansion 

Electronics manufacturer The Morey Corporation (Morey) is working with Henkel Adhesive Technologies for more than 35 years. The launch of the innovative Loctite GC 10 solder paste helped further strengthening the partnership.

Henkel driving automotive innovations at JEC 2016 

Driven by legislation to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, automotive manufacturers are on a mission to cut every unnecessary gram of weight out of vehicles. The push for lighter vehicles is driving the adoption of advanced composites, which offer weight savings versus traditional metal components.

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions 

From Hall 4, Booth G61 at the upcoming Light & Building event taking place March 13 through 18 in Frankfurt, Henkel Adhesive Technologies will showcase its total solutions approach to modern lighting applications.

Loctite coating extends lifetime of flue gas duct 

The conditions in a flue gas duct are extreme: Heightened exposure to heat and aggressive chemicals can cause the steel material to crack or fracture, resulting in leakage. In the worst case, this can lead to plant shutdowns and expensive repairs. Henkel relies on prevention rather than cure – with Loctite PC 7255.

Henkel to showcase latest coating & lubricant advances at Wire Düsseldorf 2016 

At the April 4-8 Wire Düsseldorf 2016 show, Henkel will introduce new formulations for some of its leading processes and technologies, including the Bonderite L-FM FL one-step polymer coating process for automotive components and screws, and Bonderite L-FG process lubricant for hot metal forming.

Webinar calendar 2016 published on Henkel’s Food Safe Packaging Portal 

As the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, Henkel is deeply committed to finding ways of improving food packaging safety.

Henkel teams up with Coca-Cola in Laos 

Henkel Adhesive Technologies was appointed the preferred adhesive supplier for Coca-Cola’s first bottling plant in Laos.

Webinar - How to seal your powertrain flanges under the harshest conditions 

Gaskets aim to prevent leakage of fluids or gases by filling the space between the surfaces of the flanges – and they must remain intact and leak-free for a prolonged time, especially in automotive engineering.

Henkel and its partner XERVON demonstrate the Loctite Repair System in real life 

Loctite, the solution provider for adhesives, sealants and protective coatings within the Henkel Group, and the German maintenance service provider XERVON have repaired pipelines in the home factory at Henkel’s headquarters in Düsseldorf (Germany) using the new Loctite Composite Repair System.

Henkel’s New Low-Volatility Gap Filler 3500LV Delivers Excellent Thermal Performance 

Addressing the thermal requirements of next-generation product designs, Henkel Adhesive Technologies has formulated Gap Filler 3500LV, a liquid Gap Filler material that delivers high thermal conductivity and low volatility for reduced outgassing.

Henkel’s Gap Filler 1400SL Offers Robust Thermal Performance and Void Filling Capabilities 

Henkel Adhesive Technologies continues to expand its thermal materials portfolio and today announced the development and commercialization of Gap Filler 1400SL. An evolution in thermal interface materials, Gap Filler 1400SL combines the properties of low viscosity and, relative to conventional self-leveling products, comparatively high thermal conductivity in a unique formula designed to accommodate challenging architectures.

Efficient Sealing Systems in Fluid Technology 

The market for high-performance fluid technology is growing all the time: hydraulic and pneumatic solutions are increasingly in demand in mechanical engineering. The integration of new materials and state-of-the-art electronics is creating ever more intelligent drive systems in fluid technology.

Henkel showcasing solutions for every step in the die-casting value chain at Euroguss 2016 

With extensive expertise in all key areas of the die-casting and metalworking value chain – Casting, Machining, Impregnation, Cleaning, Surface Treatment or Bonding – Henkel is ideally positioned to help reduce costs and streamline manufacturing processes.