News 2016

Webinar - How to seal your powertrain flanges under the harshest conditions 

Gaskets aim to prevent leakage of fluids or gases by filling the space between the surfaces of the flanges – and they must remain intact and leak-free for a prolonged time, especially in automotive engineering.

Henkel and its partner XERVON demonstrate the Loctite Repair System in real life 

Loctite, the solution provider for adhesives, sealants and protective coatings within the Henkel Group, and the German maintenance service provider XERVON have repaired pipelines in the home factory at Henkel’s headquarters in Düsseldorf (Germany) using the new Loctite Composite Repair System.

Henkel’s New Low-Volatility Gap Filler 3500LV Delivers Excellent Thermal Performance 

Addressing the thermal requirements of next-generation product designs, Henkel Adhesive Technologies has formulated Gap Filler 3500LV, a liquid Gap Filler material that delivers high thermal conductivity and low volatility for reduced outgassing.

Henkel’s Gap Filler 1400SL Offers Robust Thermal Performance and Void Filling Capabilities 

Henkel Adhesive Technologies continues to expand its thermal materials portfolio and today announced the development and commercialization of Gap Filler 1400SL. An evolution in thermal interface materials, Gap Filler 1400SL combines the properties of low viscosity and, relative to conventional self-leveling products, comparatively high thermal conductivity in a unique formula designed to accommodate challenging architectures.

Efficient Sealing Systems in Fluid Technology 

The market for high-performance fluid technology is growing all the time: hydraulic and pneumatic solutions are increasingly in demand in mechanical engineering. The integration of new materials and state-of-the-art electronics is creating ever more intelligent drive systems in fluid technology.

Henkel showcasing solutions for every step in the die-casting value chain at Euroguss 2016 

With extensive expertise in all key areas of the die-casting and metalworking value chain – Casting, Machining, Impregnation, Cleaning, Surface Treatment or Bonding – Henkel is ideally positioned to help reduce costs and streamline manufacturing processes.