LOCTITE BigFoot Anti-Slip prevents passersby from slipping and falling

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Safety first

LOCTITE BigFoot Anti-Slip has made Singapore a safer place by preventing passersby from slipping, tripping and falling in many public areas, such as hospitals or parks. The city’s famous 1 million m2 spanning recreation space, Gardens by the Bay, has not only made Singapore greener but also safer by relying on LOCTITE BigFoot Anti-Slip.

The LOCTITE team from Henkel Singaporehas been actively engaging industrial safety professionals to emphasize the importance of slip prevention. By increasing awareness of the topic, the team created a basis to successfully implement anti-slip solutions, such as the LOCTITE BigFoot Anti-Slip coating, for key industrial players. When applying the product to surfaces it gives them a rough finishing, thus making slippery sidewalks or staircases less dangerous.

The LOCTITE BigFoot Anti-Slip is now being adopted by Singapore’s hospitality industry and in its public areas. An impressive example of application is Singapore's Gardens by the Bay. As a tourist attraction, the park receives around 2.7 million visitors each year, whose safety at the gardens is of utmost importance. Henkel helped to evaluate key outdoor areas and installed LOCTITE BigFoot Anti-Slip onto drain covers and walkways.

Henkel received a lot of positive feedback from visitors appreciating the anti-slip coating, especially during wet weather. As LOCTITE BigFoot Anti-Slip paint is designed to withstand high traffic, only minimal maintenance has been required for the past year and a half since installation. The garden’s facility team has noted significant savings in maintenance hours and costs thanks to the inventive product – a solid endorsement for Loctite BigFoot Anti-Slip's superior performance.

Additionally, LOCTITE BigFoot Anti-Slip is also used at the Capella Hotel’s pool side and has been introduced at various polyclinics and hospitals around the island, to provide safer walkways for tourists, patients and the elderly.

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