1/27/2014, Tallinn / Estonia


Moment campaign

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Five minutes of free shopping

In all three Baltic states a spectacular “grand finale” of the Moment campaign took place, with the prize draw winners enjoying five minutes of free shopping in a DIY store!

During the campaign, which took place in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, every customer who bought a product from the Moment range could register his or her check to participate in the competition. The prize – shopping for five minutes without spending your own money – was subject to just two conditions: the goods had to fit into the shopping trolley, and the lucky shopper was not allowed any assistance.

The three events took place in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius. All the winners made the most of the allotted five minutes, rushing between the shelves and filling their trolleys. The race against time proved a challenge for the winners, while providing an exciting spectacle for other customers at the stores and also attracting the interest of the local media.

Watch here how the winners managed to fill their shopping trolleys:

Tallinn, Estonia:

Riga, Latvia:

Vilnius, Lithuania:

Watch the videos on YouTube: 
Riga, Estonia
Tallinn, Latvia
Vilnius, Lithuania

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