12/6/2013, Barcelona / Spain


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Henkel Ibérica sets up a ShopperLab

The first ShopperLab of Henkel has been set up in the Iberian affiliate located in Barcelona, Spain. The space of 100 square meters is designed as a real supermarket with different brands displayed on its shelves. The purpose of ShopperLab is to integrate traditional research with neuroscience applied to marketing by means of high technologies like Eye Tracking. Thanks to this innovative breakthrough, Henkel positions itself as an expert in shopping experience and also provides added value to the company’s costumers.

Traditional research and surveys reflect the brand influence on consumers. Now, the ShopperLab makes it possible to detect inner impulses which people have at a subconscious level when observing products in a shopping place. The method of Eye Tracking, based on special glasses with laser, video camera and microphone, allows to improve the product packaging, its position on shelves and the experience of shopping in general.

This successful initiative awakened interest in the first National TV Channel. The evening news block of TVE presented Henkel’s ShopperLab to 2.805.000 spectators. “This is a highly useful tool for Henkel’s customers and distributors, which confirms the top position of Henkel in the field of marketing innovation”, said Andrea Bastoni, General Manager of Laundry & Home Care at Henkel in Spain. He highlighted also that “the project shows our shopper expertise giving added value to the customers and strengthened our Henkel team spirit because it was developed by teams from trade, sales, marketing and market research of all three divisions: Adhesives Technologies, Laundry & Home Care, and Beauty Care.

As a result of this project, Henkel strengthens its commitment to customers and positions itself as a pioneer in market research methods. Henkel Ibérica has been the first affiliate to open the ShopperLab.

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