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Henkel Balti supports student competition

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Attracting young engineers

For the very first time, Henkel participated this year as partner in the national Estonian round of the European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC). The EBEC endeavors to attract the best students of engineering. Its aims include raising the social awareness of all students in relation to world problems and involving them in shaping solutions.

Every partnering company was asked to compile an assignment for the student teams. The team members then had to offer a theoretical solution and later present their results to the jury panel. The task Henkel set was compiled by the Adhesive Technologies General Industry team and related to the production of oil shale. The students had to think about how to improve the current state of the art with products of the Loctite brand so as to minimize the release of phenols into the environment.
“This was an excellent opportunity to reach out to young, talented engineering students,” commented Riinu Vassiljev, Marketing Coordinator of Henkel Balti. “We were also able to introduce different products of the Loctite range to these future engineers. They may will find employment in relevant industries later on and, thanks to this experience, take with them useful knowledge both of Henkel adhesives and of their application. Or maybe some of them will take up positions in the R&D labs of Henkel one day.”

38 teams with 170 young engineers in total were involved in the competition, which took place in the first week of November. The two most successful teams will represent Estonia in the next round of the EBEC.

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