11/4/2013, Bogotá / Colombia


“Change your World” initiative

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Pritt brings joy to 270 Colombian children

Aligned to combining fun with an important sustainability message, Pritt’s “Change your World” campaign has been very much taken to heart at Henkel Colombiana.

Through its Pritt brand, Henkel’s Consumer Adhesives division in cooperation with the local childcare charity “Fundación Coprogreso” held an event involving 270 underprivileged and vulnerable children living in Bogotá, Colombia. The children enjoyed games and had lots of fun in the company of Mr. Pritt and Xiomy, a well known children’s entertainer.

The aim of the “Change your world” campaign is to convey to consumers, children, youngsters and adults the benefits of having fun while playing and sticking without polluting the environment. It also aims to bring some joy into the lives of children living under difficult circumstances.

This initiative focuses on handcrafts, singing, playing and increasing awareness of the importance of the natural environment. In this particular Bogotá event, all the participating children received a kit with school supplies under the Pritt brand, a t-shirt and a healthy snack.

This kind of activity – initiated by Henkel’s businesses and supported by various local partners – enables Henkel to get closer to communities in need while also underscoring the company’s commitment to sustainability in Colombia.


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