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Henkel sponsors amphibious car

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Travelling around the world

On the 2nd of November an amphibious car called “Amphibear” will start its journey from Estonia to travel all over the world. Henkel Baltics will sponsor the challenging project via its brands Loctite and Teroson.

"This is an extreme project and gives us an excellent chance to test and advertise our products“, said Riinu Vassiljev, Marketing Coordinator of the brands Loctite and Teroson Estonia. Amphibear will drive through different countries with a total population of 1.3 billion people. “Our top quality products can prove now that they work perfectly even in the most extraordinary and unpredictable conditions.”

Amphibear is rebuilt from Toyota Land Cruiser and has two hydraulically powered stern drives. During the trip which lasts for nine months, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans will be crossed. The first sea crossing will be the Strait of Gibraltar, the first river crossing is in Senegal, and the first ocean crossing is the Atlantic – and no ferry boats will be used. Mait Nilson, the enthusiast and owner of Amphibear who built the multifunctional vehicle, will circumnavigate the globe alone.

The blog of Amphibear trip can be followed on the web-page: www.amphibear.com

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