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Henkel Sustainability Club in Argentina

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Demonstrating Commitment to Sustainability

Beginning of July, Henkel Argentina opened its plant at Chivilcoy to the media and demonstrated Henkel’s commitment to society and environment through its theatre play on the “3 Rs”: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The Henkel Sustainability Club in Argentina, a community relationship program focusing on sustainable development, aims to promote environmental awareness among its communities and encourages reflection and awareness of the importance of environmental care. The edition 2013 of the club ended in June and Henkel Argentina took this opportunity to open the doors of its plant at Chivilcoy, a small city around 200 kilometres west of Buenos Aires where Henkel produces more than 20,000 tons of adhesives each year. Henkel Argentina invited journalists specialized on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility topics and informed them on the company’s commitment to sustainability.

The day began with a short performance at the primary school „Juana Manso”, where the Henkel Sustainability Club presented a play promoting the importance of the “3 Rs” (reduce, reuse and recycle). The play portrays two members of the "Henkel Sustainability Club Family" – which is part of the visual identity of the community relationship program developed by the company since 2011 – who reveal the small contributions to sustainability that can be made at home using examples of everyday life.

After the play, the group of invited journalists moved to the Chivilcoy plant, where Guillermo von Bergen, vice president of Henkel Argentina, introduced the company, its sustainability strategy 2030 and major local contributions to sustainability. The plant manager, Héctor Carrozzo, subsequently accompanied the visitors on an interesting factory tour that offered an insight into the manufacturing process of the local technology and demonstrated the company’s commitment to sustainability through various initiatives such as the waste treatment process by worms. Throughout the entire day, the journalists could conduct interviews and learned a lot more on sustainability and corporate citizenship at Henkel.

Corporate Citizenship

Social engagement is firmly anchored in Henkel’s history and corporate values. We focus on helping people to help themselves.

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