3/20/2013, Düsseldorf / Germany


Adhesives for high barrier structures and new waterbased heat seal lacquer

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Henkel unveils adhesive innovations for flexible packaging

Henkel is presenting a full range of new adhesives and coatings from March 19 to 21 at the International Converting Exhibition 2013 in Munich, Germany. With these latest innovations, the market leader in adhesives and sealants is further expanding its broad portfolio for the flexible packaging industry.

Through its experience and interdisciplinary approach, Henkel is very familiar with this market and how it is evolving. Always aiming to anticipate market trends, Henkel experts develop adhesives and coatings which provide the best possible solutions for the flexible packaging industry.

In line with its corporate strategy, Henkel focuses on enhancing safety and sustainability without in any way compromising on performance. The ambition is to deliver even better and safer products and services with a smaller environmental footprint.

A new adhesive family for high barrier structures
Thanks to their very low monomer content, new solvent-free laminating adhesives from the Liofol LA 7777 family are very suitable for high barrier films that demand low CO2 formation from the adhesive. The very low monomer content of this adhesive family also makes the R40 label unnecessary.

Due to the significantly reduced monomer content and the special design of this adhesive family, converters can not only reduce the risk of primary aromatic amine (PAA) formation, but also the time required for decay of primary aromatic amines.

For example, a laminated structure containing an OPA film such as typically used for cheese packaging requires more time for full cure and decay of primary aromatic amines than an OPP/OPP structure for snack food packaging. The Liofol LA 7777 series allows converters to shorten the time to compliance with food regulations. In above mentioned OPA/PE structures, primary aromatic amines are already below the detection limit after one day.

These properties represent another big step toward even safer food packaging. But Henkel’s development efforts did not stop there. The new adhesive systems have also been given a convenient long potlife of up to 60 minutes, double the time of reference systems.

“The LA 7777 series is a great new option for the converting industry to provide even safer food packaging,” says Marketing Manager Regina Müller.

Heat seal lacquer portfolio enrichment
Henkel has developed an innovative waterbased heat seal lacquer for food applications. Through a special production technology, it has become possible to completely exclude unwanted residual solvents.

This new product Liofol HS 2210-22 is a low temperature sealing lacquer which already activates at less than 100°C. It can be applied on film, foil and paper and is characterized by a versatile range of applications, including banderoles, soap packs and coffee packs.

Liofol HS 2210-22 bridges the gap between several technologies and allows users who want to operate completely solvent-free lines to integrate heat seal technology into their converted products without the need for investment in hotmelt application technology.

Experts at the booth
Henkel experts will be present during the show and will be happy to discuss with users how these innovations can benefit them. To learn more, visit Henkel at ICE booth 1013 in Hall A5.

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