Adhesives for Electronics

Electronic Adhesive Solutions

Adhesives play a significant role in the manufacturing and production of a wide array of electronic products.

Different types of products demand different types of electronic adhesives. Henkel, one of the largest, most prominent and most respected electronic adhesives manufacturers, provides material solutions for every challenge.

Quality Electronic Adhesives Backed By Reliable Service

With Henkel, manufacturers can rely upon high performance electronic adhesives from recognized brands, delivered on time and at the lowest price available. The company’s objective of lowering costs and increasing performance for customers is the focus of every product delivered.

From a Trusted Electronic Adhesive Provider

As the world leader in adhesives and sealants, Henkel provides global sales and technical customer service to manufacturing industries around the world.

Find Out More About Henkel’s Adhesives for Electronics

For more information about Henkel electronic adhesive products, download our Electronic Adhesives Catalog.