Adhesive Films

Adhesive Films

Tags: adhesive film, electrically-conductive adhesive film, electrically insulating adhesive film, thermally conductive film

Henkel's product line of adhesive films for electronics delivers maximum performance and cost-efficiency.

Henkel adhesive films are found in nearly every market that incorporates electronics assembly technology, including:

  • Automotive electronics
  • Consumer and industrial electronics
  • Defense and aerospace electronics
  • Handheld communications and computing
  • Green and portable energy (solar)
  • LED lighting
  • Medical electronics
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID)
  • Wireless datacom infrastructure

An Adhesive Film for Every Application
The company’s diverse portfolio of adhesive films and sealant solutions includes advanced materials technologies to address today's most demanding applications.

Electrically-Conductive Adhesive Films
The Henkel line of electrically conductive adhesive films, from such familiar brands as Ablefilm™ and Emerson & Cuming™, are available in various thicknesses, tensile strengths and lap shear strengths, thermal conductivity ratings and primary cure cycle times. .

Electrically Insulating Adhesive Films
From Ablefilm, Henkel offers electrically insulating adhesive film products that bond well to gold and other difficult surfaces. Flexible products suitable for bonding printed wiring boards are also available.

Thermally Conductive Adhesive Films
The Ablefilm line of thermally-conductive adhesive films features products with high adhesion strength, excellent flexibility, and  formulations specifically for gold-plated surfaces and use in hermetic packages.

Find Out More About Adhesive Films
For more information about Henkel’s adhesive films, view our Adhesive Films Electronics Catalog.